IDTxl: The Information Dynamics Toolkit xl: a Python package for the efficient analysis of multivariate information dynamics in networks

Companion paper to the open-source [IDTxl](https://www.github.com/pwollstadt/idtxl) toolbox.

The Phi measure of integrated information is not well-defined for general physical systems

IIT is a promising theory of consciousness, but it is not as close to Physics as some would like it to be.

Measuring integrated information: Comparison of candidate measures in theory and simulation

Despite conceptual similarities, measures of integrated information behave surprisingly differently.

Measuring fitness effects of agent-environment interactions

What does it mean for an agent to be 'adaptive'? Here's a formal definition based on causal inference.

Adaptation is not just improvement over time

Defining 'adaptation' based purely on how long an organism lives is a bad idea.

An information-theoretic approach to self-organisation: Emergence of complex interdependencies in coupled dynamical systems

Rigorous theory of self-organisation based on information theory.

The improvisational state of mind: A multidisciplinary study of an improvisatory approach to classical music repertoire performance

A truly multidisciplinary study on musical improvisation spanning neuroscience, psychology, and art.

Spectral modes of network dynamics reveal increased informational complexity near criticality

What does the informational complexity of dynamical networked systems tell us about intrinsic mechanisms and functions of these complex systems? Recent complexity measures such as integrated information have sought to operationalize this problem …

The partial information decomposition of generative neural network models

Tracking the information decomposition of neural networks as they learn.

An investigation of the dynamical transitions in harmonically driven random networks of firing-rate neurons

Continuous-time recurrent neural networks are widely used as models of neural dynamics and also have applications in machine learning. But their dynamics are not yet well understood, especially when they are driven by external stimuli. In this …