Information and integration in plants: Towards a quantitative search for plant sentience

Can plants teach us about consciousness science? Maybe.

What it is like to be a bit: An Integrated Information Decomposition account of emergent mental phenomena

Speculations for an information decomposition-based theory of consciousness

Reconciling emergences: An information-theoretic approach to identify causal emergence in multivariate data

Rigorous theory of causal emegence based on information decomposition.

An operational information decomposition via synergistic disclosure

Information decomposition based on an operational definition of synergy.

A mechanistic model of the neural entropy increase elicited by psychedelic drugs

Explaining the neural effects of psychedelics with whole-brain modelling

Decomposing spectral and phasic differences in non-linear features between datasets

Is your non-linear effect explained by power spectrum? Come to find out.

Integrated information as a common signature of dynamical and information-processing complexity

Integrated Information Theory is an exciting theory for complexity, regardless of claims about consciousness.

Whole-brain models to explore altered states of consciousness from the bottom up

Previous work and future directions for the computational neurscience of altered consciousness.

High-order interdependencies in the aging brain

Widespread increased redundancy in the ageing brain.

Large-scale directed network inference with multivariate transfer entropy and hierarchical statistical testing

Data-efficient inference of directed network connectivity based on information theory.