Long ago, when the temperature of the universe was around 108 K, I did a Physics degree at the University of Valencia, Spain, truncating what could have otherwise been a promising career as a jazz melodica player. When I decided that neutrinos were interesting but not quite for me, I did a PhD at Imperial College and a postdoc at the University of Cambridge, where I (rather unsuccessfully, in all fairness) tried to solve the mysteries of consciousness and complexity. At the moment I continue to fail to solve consciousness and artificial intelligence as a lecturer at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London.

Broadly speaking, my research lies at the intersection between consciousness science, information theory, complexity science, and machine learning. I strive to ground my research in solid mathematical and theoretical grounds, and whenever possible I publish open-source software to make my research accessible and reproducible. I also have a few online talks for both technical and general audiences you can find in this website.

I often team up with my fantastic friends and collaborators Fernando Rosas and Andrea Luppi. They do awesome stuff, check out their papers too!

For more information you can download my CV.