Partial information decomposition

Can the whole be more than the sum of its parts? Most definitely.

Synergy and information in complex neural systems

An ambitious research programme using complexity science to link brains and machines.

Information theory tools for cognitive neuroscience

Are you searching for new fancy methods to analyse your data? Look no further.

High-order functional interactions in ageing explained via alterations in the connectome in a whole-brain mode

The title's pretty informative in this one, actually.

Multi-target information decomposition and applications to integrated information theory

Covering Integrated Information Decomposition (ΦID), with a few extra details for a PID audience.

A synergistic core for human brain evolution and cognition

Large-scale study of synergy in resting-state fMRI shows links with cognition and human evolution.

A synergistic workspace for human consciousness revealed by Integrated Information Decomposition

What do IIT and GWT have in common? A secret love for synergy.