Integrated information theory

The promiment theory of consciousness, with a grain of salt.

Synergy and information in complex neural systems

An ambitious research programme using complexity science to link brains and machines.

Information and integration in plants: Towards a quantitative search for plant sentience

Can plants teach us about consciousness science? Maybe.

What it is like to be a bit: An Integrated Information Decomposition account of emergent mental phenomena

Speculations for an information decomposition-based theory of consciousness

Integrated information as a common signature of dynamical and information-processing complexity

Integrated Information Theory is an exciting theory for complexity, regardless of claims about consciousness.

Multi-target information decomposition and applications to integrated information theory

Covering Integrated Information Decomposition (ΦID), with a few extra details for a PID audience.

The Phi measure of integrated information is not well-defined for general physical systems

IIT is a promising theory of consciousness, but it is not as close to Physics as some would like it to be.

Measuring integrated information: Comparison of candidate measures in theory and simulation

Despite conceptual similarities, measures of integrated information behave surprisingly differently.

Spectral modes of network dynamics reveal increased informational complexity near criticality

What does the informational complexity of dynamical networked systems tell us about intrinsic mechanisms and functions of these complex systems? Recent complexity measures such as integrated information have sought to operationalize this problem …

Integrated information and metastability in systems of coupled oscillators

Integrated information peaks in the critical regime in oscillator networks.