Fluctuations in Neural Complexity During Wakefulness Relate To Conscious Level and Cognition

Large-scale multimodal analysis of consciousness markers across cognitive states.

High-order functional interactions in ageing explained via alterations in the connectome in a whole-brain mode

The title's pretty informative in this one, actually.

Ketamine and sleep modulate neural complexity dynamics in cats

Ketamine escapes neuroscientists' best efforts, cat edition.

Paths to oblivion: Common neural mechanisms of anaesthesia and disorders of consciousness

Modelling the dynamics of unconsciousness with neuromodulation and connectomics

Effects of external stimulation on psychedelic state neurodynamics

As John Lennon said: *tripping is easy with eyes closed* (or something like that).

A synergistic core for human brain evolution and cognition

Large-scale study of synergy in resting-state fMRI shows links with cognition and human evolution.

A synergistic workspace for human consciousness revealed by Integrated Information Decomposition

What do IIT and GWT have in common? A secret love for synergy.

Connectome harmonic decomposition of human brain dynamics reveals a landscape of consciousness

Connectome harmonics discriminate between states of consciousness.

Balanced information storage and transfer in modular spiking neural networks

Information transfer and storage are balanced when neural avalanches are powerlaw-distributed.

Deep unsupervised clustering with Gaussian mixture variational autoencoders

Active Inference just got real, thanks to Monte Carlo trees and information theory.