Partial information decomposition

Can the whole be more than the sum of its parts? Most definitely.

Complexity theory

Emergence, self-organisation, and cellular automata.

Altered states of consciousness

Where does the brain go when the mind wanders off?

Philosophy of consciousness

Hopefully, of the useful kind.

Integrated information theory

The promiment theory of consciousness, with a grain of salt.

Information theory in neuroscience

Do neurons talk if no one's there to hear them?

Information theory in machine learning

Learning from information; information about learning.

JIDT: Java Information Dynamics Toolkit

JIDT is a flagship toolkit for information theory in complex systems, originally designed by [Joe Lizier]( It's writen in super-duper-portable Java, which means you can simply download it and run it from Python, Matlab, or R -- without installation. Damn that's convenient.

EntRate: Entropy rate estimators for neuroscience

This library implements various estimators of entropy rate on continuous and discrete data. Work in progress, suggestions welcome!

FastDMF: Fast Dynamic Mean Field model simulator

This library implements an extended version of Deco's DMF simulator of brain dynamics using a multi-threaded C++ backend (via [Eigen](, and provides both Python and Matlab interfaces. This code is around 5-10x faster and consumes around 1000x less memory than previous implementations.